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"Hon'ble Lt. Governor Sh. Manoj Sinha inaugurates J&K Textile Sourcing Fair 2023, Showcasing Region's Artistry and Trade Potential"

"Hon'ble Lt. Governor Sh. Manoj Sinha inaugurates J&K Textile Sourcing Fair 2023, Showcasing Region's Artistry and Trade Potential"

"Hon'ble Lt. Governor Sh. Manoj Sinha inaugurates J&K Textile Sourcing Fair 2023, Showcasing Region's Artistry and Trade Potential"

ODOP logo competition launched by Hon’ble Lt. Governor of J&K.

"J&K Textile Sourcing Fair 2023: Weaving Traditions into Global Commerce on the Banks of Dal Lake by Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization (JKTPO)"


Elevating Jammu and Kashmir's Handloom and Handicrafts on the Global Stage


Srinagar, August 21, 2023 – The Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization (JKTPO), in collaboration with the Handloom Export Promotion Council (HEPC), organised J&K Textile Sourcing Fair 2023. The J&K Textile Sourcing Fair 2023 being held in Kashmir University was inaugurated by Sh. Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir today and will be concluding on 22nd of August 2023. This International Buyer Seller Meet stands as a pivotal initiative aimed at propelling trade and exports, while spotlighting the exceptional handloom and handicraft traditions of the region.

During the inauguration, Sh. Manoj Sinha, the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, stated, "The J&K Textile Sourcing Fair 2023 is an embodiment of our commitment to showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship that defines Jammu and Kashmir. This event symbolizes not only the preservation of our cultural legacy but also our determination to bolster trade and exports, thereby catalysing the growth of our local artisans and entrepreneurs." He emphasized the importance of such initiatives in empowering local artisans and weavers, thereby boosting the socio-economic landscape of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Hon'ble Lt. Governor also launched the ODOP Logo Competition, an initiative of immense significance that holds the potential to visually capture the spirit of One District One Product (ODOP) of Jammu & Kashmir. The Logo competition shall give a boost to the marketing and branding on ODOP products of J&K across the Globe. The competition involves a cash prize of Rs 1 lac for the winner.

J&K is witnessing the dawn of a new era, rooted in peace & stability giving rise to economic, social & cultural renaissance. We are committed to provide enabling & conducive environment where businesses can thrive, investments can flourish, entrepreneurs can realize their dreams.

Export is biggest source of revenue for handloom, handicraft and both Global North & Global South are major destinations to our handmade products. Our aim is to create a strong edifice of trade relationship to give a much-needed boost to our handloom & handicraft sector.

 Hon’ble LG also said that the exports from J&K has risen significantly  this year and the Government will soon launch a new export policy to give further boost to the sector. I see Jammu Kashmir as the principal handicraft, handloom market of the future. The creativity of our craftspeople, weavers, artisans and the indigenous skills is being recognized and admired by the world.

International and national buyers also shared their experience about the BSM and praised the efforts made by the Government in organising such events.

The LG also visited the stalls installed by the buyers/ sellers displaying the products of J&K and encouraged them to actively participate in such events and develops long term relationship with the buyers.

Sh. Vikramjit Singh. Commissioner secretary I&C articulated that this event's significance extends beyond a single occurrence, as it marks the beginning of a recurrent tradition. He underscored the organization's commitment to fostering an environment that actively promotes business and propels exports, thus contributing to the growth and economic prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that with a vision to foster growth and expand economic horizons, the J&K Textile Sourcing Fair 2023 serves as a dynamic platform for over 100 sellers hailing from Jammu and Kashmir. These artisans and entrepreneurs showcase a diverse array of handcrafted marvels that encapsulate the essence of the region's rich heritage. Complementing this domestic representation, the event plays host to a vibrant congregation of more than 60 international and national buyers, forging connections that transcend borders.

The BSM provides an engaging platform for exhibitors to experience the vivid tapestry of Jammu and Kashmir's handloom and handicraft offerings. Also, trade fair gave the visitors a preserved opportunity to explore a rich array of products, including intricately Woven Shawls, Exquisite Pashmina Suits, Resplendent Sarees, Captivating Basohli Paintings, Masterful Crewelwork, Delicate Paper Mache Creations, and Intricate Chain Stitch Marvels. Each product on display carries the mark of artisanal dedication and skill, making them perfect embodiments of the region's cultural wealth.

Earlier Sh. Khalid Jahangir, the Managing Director of JKTPO, extended a warm welcome to the Hon'ble Lt. Governor, esteemed dignitaries, distinguished buyers, sellers, and all participants gathered at the occasion. With enthusiasm, he highlighted the collective efforts made under the astute guidance of Secretary I&C,

Sh. N. Sreedhar, the Executive Director of HEPC, presented the vote of thanks and showcased an unwavering appreciation for JKTPO's initiative, symbolizing the collaborative spirit between organizations dedicated to elevating traditional craftsmanship onto the global stage. Their collective participation accentuated the event's commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and cross-sector collaboration.