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J&K Exhibitors sponsored by the JKTPO earn Spotlight at PITEX Amritsar -2023;

J&K Exhibitors sponsored by the JKTPO earn Spotlight at PITEX Amritsar -2023;

J&K Exhibitors sponsored by the JKTPO earn Spotlight at PITEX Amritsar -2023;

 Jammu, December 12: The Jammu & Kashmir Pavilion set up by the Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization at the 17th Edition of the Punjab International Trade Expo (PITEX) 2023, held in Amritsar from December 7-11 earned lot of appreciation due to display of genuine local artistry and unique products from Jammu & Kashmir. This event consistently offers an excellent platform for our local emerging entrepreneurs to showcase exceptional craftsmanship of local artisans, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.


With an allocation of 30 stalls, artists and entrepreneurs which includes 06 women entrepreneurs from all parts of Jammu and Kashmir, displayed genuine local artistry, turning our pavilion into a focal point for buyers and local customers. This year, PITEX 2023 witnessed a substantial footfall of over three lakh visitors from various parts of India, neighbouring regions, and abroad. JKTPO's stalls attracted them to purchase clothes and dry fruits for the upcoming winter. Visitors admired the embroidered clothing from Kashmir. Exhibitors also expressed joy and satisfaction with the overwhelming response at the event.

 PITEX 2023 featured 550 domestic and international exhibitors, with 14 Indian states and five international participants showcased their products. The event was visited by High Commissioners and Ambassadors and businessmen, from some Asian countries. The organization's representation at the fair, with a diverse array of handcrafted items and traditional specialties, was truly spectacular.


The major attractions included Basohli Pashmina Shawls, Kani and Sozni clothes and stoles, dry fruits and dried vegetables, world-famous Kashmiri saffron, Phiran, and hand-embroidered garments with intricate Kashmiri patterns, Honey and Rajmash from Jammu region, handmade toys etc.


Visitors to the JKTPO stalls not only had the opportunity to witness these exquisite products but also engaged with the artisans themselves. The stories behind each creation and the dedication of craftspeople were shared with enthusiasm, creating a unique and immersive experience for attendees.

Punjab's local media engaged with several sellers who shared their success stories and highlighted the support they receive from the Jammu and Kashmir government for promotion and livelihood enhancement. The significant response in terms of business leads generated holds the potential to translate into future orders, promising substantial business growth for them.


The JKTPO team expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic response received. The fair act as B2B and B2C provided a platform to bridge cultures and connect local artisans with a broader audience, contributing to the economic growth and empowerment of the region's skilled workforce.


JKTPO's involvement in PITEX 2023 proved highly successful, emphasizing their dedication to promoting and safeguarding the rich heritage and cultural diversity of Jammu and Kashmir. Their ongoing endeavours to strengthen and empower local artisans and businesses serve as a clear testament to their dedicated commitment.